About us

Mini Model Day Care Centre is a purpose built day care facility in the grounds of Belfast Model School for Girls.

Created to serve the needs of the community, by providing the highest quality day care for children aged 6 weeks to statutory school aged pupils.

Mini Model Ethos

At Mini Model we believe in;

  • Providing a home- from- home experience for each child in our care
  • Caring for each child’s individual needs
  • Offering high standards of safety and security
  • Creating and maintaining a loving, happy and relaxed environment all in the day care
  • Working with parents and carers as a team to support and develop each child in our care
  • Developing the learning needs and skills of both staff and children
Aims & Objectives

At Mini Model Day Care we aim to;

  • Ensure the happiness of each child entrusted in our care
  • Provide a safe, secure and warm environment in which each child will feel loved and cared for.
  • Develop an understanding of young children’s needs
  • Build and maintain relationships with children in the day care environment
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of play and the effect on the child’s development
  • Stimulate the all-round development of the child.
  • Provide children with time and support to experience and develop their own ideas through play.

The Mini Model day Care Centre values the importance of a happy childhood and aims to provide as many broad and balanced experiences and opportunities as possible to each child in their care.

The day care provision includes daily play activities both indoor and outdoor. These offer opportunities for the development of skills including physical, manipulative, fine and gross motor skills, listening, creative and language skills.

Registration, Insurance & Memberships


All current inspection/registration certificates are displayed in the centre.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Mini Model Day Care is registered with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts are responsible for registering and inspecting these services against the requirements laid down in the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995.

Formal HSC inspections for registration purposes take place on a yearly basis. Inspections can also occur   unannounced.

Belfast City Council

The centre is registered with the Belfast City Council Health and Environmental Services Department. Formal BCC inspections take place on a yearly or 18 month basis. Inspections can also occur unannounced.

The centre currently holds a 5*star BCC rating.


The Education Authority N.I. will cover the Legal Liability of the Early Years Centre in respect of claims for accidental bodily injury of damage to third party property. The Education Auhority does not carry Public Liability insurance cover but will meet the cost of such claims under its current self-funding arrangements.

The Education Authority as a public authority is exempt from the operation of the Employers Liability (Defective Equipment and Compulsory Insurance) (Northern Ireland) Order 1972.

The current insurance letter is displayed in the centre.


Early Years Organisation for Young Children

The centre is a member of the Early Years Organisation for Young Children. As a member of this organisation the Day Care Centre is supported by an EYO officer.

Sure Start Early Years Programme

The centre is situated within a ‘Sure start’ area and is registered with this organisation. Staff in the centre have access to and attend appropriate ‘Sure Start’ training programmes.

Play Resource Centre

The centre is a member of the Play Resource Centre Belfast. Play Resource is a centre of creativity which collects waste materials from industry and recycles these into a free source of arts, play and creativity for children and young people. Play Resource is a registered charity.

Deployment of Staff

The Mini Model Day Care staff deployment is based on the statutory ratio cover defined in the ‘Registration Certificate’ for day care settings as follows:

  • (0-2 yrs) Mini Dribblers – registered for 12 children – Ratio 1:3
  • (2-3 yrs) Mini Gigglers – registered for 14 – Ratio 1:4
  • (3- statutory school age) Mini Scribblers – registered for 20 – 1:8

The Mini Model Day Care manager works independently of ratio cover staffing levels. At all times Mini Model Day Care Management ensure that the staffing levels in the Centre meet ratio requirements. At times when the manager is absent from the premises the Person In Charge is designated to the supervisor on duty.