Deployment of Staff

The Mini Model Day Care staff deployment is based on the statutory ratio cover defined in the ‘Registration Certificate’ for day care settings as follows:

  • (0-2 yrs) Mini Dribblers – registered for 18 babies – Ratio 1:3
  • (2-3 yrs) Mini Gigglers – registered for 14 – Ratio 1:4
  • (3yrs- statutory school age) Mini Scribblers – registered for 20 – Ratio 1:8
  • After-Schools (3-4yrs)- registered for 16 – Ratio 1:8

The Mini Model Day Care manager works independently of ratio cover staffing levels. At all times Mini Model Day Care Management ensure that the staffing levels in the Centre meet ratio requirements. At times when the manager is absent from the premises the Person In Charge is designated to the supervisor on duty.