Activities Provided

Mini Model Dare-Care Centre believes that early years practitioners have an important role to play in improving the development and life chances of our youngest children. As a member of Early Year’s Organisation NI the day-care centre is supported by Early Years Specialists and development workers who provide support and advice on an ongoing basis.

The Early Years Curriculum provided in the Day-Care Centre is as follows:

Mini Dribblers – Baby Room 1 & 2 (6 weeks to 2 years)

  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Intellectual development
  • Social development


Mini Gigglers – Toddler Room (2 years to 3 years)

  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Intellectual development
  • Social development
  • Language development


Mini Scribblers – Pre-School Room (3 years to statutory school age)

  • Physical development and movement
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Language development
  • The Arts
  • Early mathematical experiences


After-Schools Room

Mini Model day care is delighted to offer from September 2016 after-schools care for children from nursery age and from p.1 up to p.7. We have styled our new room to offer a home from home welcome to our children who come to us after a busy day at school.

Greeted by our staff at pick-up using EA approved transport your child will be encouraged to enjoy all that is on offer which includes quiet time, structured and free play, reading, writing and listening opportunities, art and craft activities and also sports related activities.

Break-time is a favourite with our pupils and children are encouraged to socialise and enjoy the excellent selection of nutritious food served.

We can always help and support parents and school with homework completion if required for up to 1 hour per day.

Children wishing to extend their day during holiday times can choose from our value priced excellent lunch-time menu or parents can provide a packed lunch.

We have access to state of the art SPORTS and Recreation facilities within the grounds of the main school site which is available throughout the year.


Mini Model Indoor Facilities

Mini Dribblers ( 6 weeks to 2 years)

Babies and families are welcomed into our light, spacious and modern room where we provide the perfect introduction to nursery life. There is a separate “Mini Snooze Room” where babies can sleep in cots safely supervised and a “Mini Baby Change” area.

Mini Dribblers offers a wonderful sensory experience full of textures, light and creativity where babies are encouraged and stimulated. They take part in art, messy, sensory, music, water and paper play, as well as plenty of time for cuddles, stories, songs and also different floor toys. The babies will also have opportunities for outdoor play and exploring treasure baskets.

There is minimal adult furniture to create a safe environment for crawling, cruising and walking. The environment has been designed to be stimulating from a baby’s eye level and is flexible to allow the creation of quiet cosy corners and bright active spaces.

Each baby’s dedicated Key Person will ensure that all of their requirements are met – you can always be assured that you and your baby will meet a familiar face at the start of every day. Our staff looks forward to and value the time they have to share information with and gather views from each family.

Mini Gigglers ( 2 to 3 years)

Children here benefit from the extra space as they learn to become more independent. The room is bright and airy and includes a nappy changing unit area which maintains children’s privacy and at the same time allows for staff supervision and assistance as required. Mini Gigglers are encouraged to have fun when being introduced to early colour, number and word recognition as well as encouragement in the development of their fine manipulative and gross motor skills. Time is set aside for each child to work individually with their key worker to support the child’s development at their own pace. Staff work with children to help them form friendships and understand the importance of sharing as well as teaching them about rules and boundaries. There is always plenty of time for painting, collage and messy play. Junk modelling and baking (and eating the end results!) is always popular, as is dressing up and role play.

Mini Scribblers ( 3 to statutory school age )

A bright and spacious room with a range of toys and equipment which encourage children to develop their imagination and enjoy themselves. Children in this room are still developing their independence, and hands on opportunities are used to develop confidence through exploration, investigation and problem solving. The children are encouraged to think for themselves, to act responsibly and to participate in a wide range of activities and experiences. Mini Scribblers are gently prepared for school life in a fun and stimulating way. Activities are carefully planned in line with the Pre-School Curriculum Guidance.


A separate toilet/wash room is provided with four toilets and three wash hand basins for use by children of an appropriate age.

Outdoor Activities

Mini Model Day-Care encourages outdoor activities offering environmental walks, outdoor play and visits to the local Post Office (age appropriate).

We also have access to the Girls Model School gym and dance hall where children attend daily exercise activities.